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Keeprite Furnace Installations, Repairs, Inspections, and Maintenance

When you need affordable home heating, choose Keeprite. Every Keeprite gas or oil furnace system is design with quality-driven, sophisticated technology to deliver comfortable temperatures you can count on. Offering a range of unit sizes, capacities and efficiency ratings, Keeprite has many different options to help you find a unit perfectly matched to your needs.

Need help choosing your Keeprite furnace? Contact our team of HVAC specialists at Spurr HVAC to help you explore Keeprite’s range of products. Once you’ve chosen the ideal furnace system for your home, we’ll work you to install your new furnace to ensure its optimum efficiency. And as your furnace ages, choose Spurr HVAC to help you maintain your furnace throughout its lifetime.

Keeprite Air Conditioning Installations,  Maintenance, Inspections and Repairs

When it comes to your home’s air conditioner, you shouldn’t have to choose between performance and efficiency. With a Keeprite air conditioning system, you won’t need to. Each Keeprite AC unit is engineered with precision, economical function in mind. Even during the hottest of summers, you can count on your Keeprite air conditioner to keep you cool, efficiently.

With the help of Spurr HVAC, we’ll help you determine with Keeprite system will work best from you, offering models from both the Ion and Performance series units. Once we’ve determined which air conditioning unit will best fit your specific requirements and budget, our team of expert HVAC technicians will install your unit to ensure top-quality performance over time.

Already have a Keeprite air conditioner? Spurr HVAC is always happy to help our community with their HVAC needs with maintenance, inspections and repair services with our highly skilled team.

Creating comfort with a Keeprite furnace or air conditioner.

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