Lennox Heating and Air Conditioning Systems


Lennox Furnace Installations and Maintenance

When you choose a Lennox Gas or Oil Furnace system, you’re choosing powerful heating for years to come. Engineered to deliver precision temperatures throughout your whole home, each Lennox furnace is also highly efficient with AFUE ratings of 80% or more in an effort to save you money over time on utility costs. They’re also some of the quietest furnaces on the market meaning you can fully relax and unwind in the comfort of your home!

Choose from the Signature, Elite and Merit series and let Spurr HVAC do the rest. We’ll ensure your new furnace is perfectly installed and offers you the whole-home heating you deserve. Already have a Lennox furnace? Our team of certified professionals can help you extend the life of your furnace for years to come through regular maintenance appointments.

Lennox Air Conditioning Installations and Maintenance

Finding a great air conditioner can be hard work! Not only do you need to consider cold air output, but you also need to consider efficiency ratings, price and capacity. With Lennox and Spurr HVAC, we make it easier to find the right AC unit for you. Lennox air conditioners are some of the quietest units on the market and each model offers exceptional efficiency ratings across a variety of price points. So, no matter your needs and budget, there’s a Lennox air conditioner for you!

And when you purchase your air conditioner with Spurr HVAC, you’ll also receive access to a dedicated team of highly qualified HVAC technicians. Our team is always happy to help our clients with their new unit installations, maintenance, and more!

Precision heating and cooling so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Only from Lennox.

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