Rheem Water Heater Systems


Rheem Water Heater Installation

When choosing a hot water heat for your home, there are a lot of factors to consider including the hot water capacity, energy consumption, and more. When you choose a Rheem hot water heater, you’re choosing top-quality engineering that fully meets your every need.

Rheem offers a range of traditional tank-style water heaters including gas, electric and hybrid-powered units. Each water heater tank delivers energy-efficient, sustainable and consistent water heating. Or choose a Rheem Tankless water heater — these space-saving units offer a much smaller footprint compared with traditional water heaters while still offering high-efficiency operation.

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At Spurr HVAC, we specialize in Rheem products and can assist you to choose the best water heater for your home. Once you’ve decided on your preferred Rheem model, we can ensure your new water heater is installed to ensure its optimum efficiency and set to your specific preferences. After installation, we stand by our Rheem customers by offering regular maintenance appointments whenever you need it. With the help of Spurr HVAC, we can help you get endless hot water!

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