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Trane Furnace Installations, Inspections, and Maintenance in Hamilton, Burlington, Haldimand County, and Nearby Areas

Even on the coldest days, you can count on your Trane gas or oil furnace to deliver even, reliable temperatures for your whole-home comfort. With one-stage, two-stage or modulating furnaces, Trane offers a wide range of furnaces that are uniquely designed to meet your exacting requirements.

When considering a new Trane furnace system, contact the experts at Spurr HVAC! We can help you determine which models would work best for your home, offer the best value, and will guarantee your comfort for your new furnace’s lifetime. Once you’ve chosen your favourite Trane furnace model, we’ll manage your installation process from start to finish, making your install as smooth and stress-free as possible. Once your unit is installed, you can always count on the Spurr HVAC team for regular maintenance and service appointments to keep your Trane furnace working efficiently.

Trane Air Conditioning Installations, Inspections, and Maintenance

Does your air conditioner cost you a fortune every summer? This is a common complaint of air conditioner owners in Ontario but with Trane, that doesn’t have to be the case. Every Trane air conditioning unit is designed to delivery precise, reliable temperatures, low noise, and efficient operations to save you money every month on your energy bills.

Get the Trane advantage with Spurr HVAC. We’ll work with you to establish which Trane AC model would best fit your specific needs, balancing energy-efficiency, value and more. From there, we’ll manage the A/C installation process to make it easy to start enjoying your air conditioner fast! Once your Trane air conditioner is installed, we recommend regular services to keep your Trane unit in tip-top shape and extend the lifetime of your AC.

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