York Heating and Air Conditioning Systems


York Furnace Installations and Maintenance

Since 1874, York has specialized in residential heating and cooling products that you can count on. Each of their furnace systems has been designed and tested to withstand the demands of a Canadian home, resulting in HVAC systems that are efficient, reliable, and cost-effective.

At Spurr HVAC, we specialize in the installation and maintenance of York Furnace systems. When installing a new York HVAC product, we’ll work with you to determine what York model best meets your comfort needs and budget. After installation, we’ll help extend the life of your furnace through regular maintenance with certified York technicians.

York Air Conditioning Installations and Maintenance

When the summer heat and humidity set in, being met with a blast of cool, comfortable air when you enter your home is undoubtedly a relief. But when your air conditioner is unreliable or inefficient, it becomes much harder to stay cool throughout the season.

Rather than suffer through another long, hot summer, trust the York experts at Spurr HVAC to help you find the right York brand air conditioning unit for your home. Considering factors like capacity, efficiency, cost and more, we’ll help you purchase and install the ideal AC model. Once installed, we’ll continue to make your comfort a priority through our York Air Conditioning Maintenance services. Our air conditioning services will not keep your air conditioner running efficiently, it’ll actually extend the life of your AC unit and improve the air quality in your home over time.

When your comfort is your first priority, choose York and Spurr HVAC!

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